AREVA (now Framatome) Partners with IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) to Offer Next-Generation Data Analytics to the Nuclear Industry

BPmark2016_SilverIn a time of change within our industry, along comes an opportunity for organizations to define the next era of nuclear energy. Accelerating advancements in technology are transforming the way all industries do business. The proliferation of smart sensors, mobile devices and interconnected systems are generating, collecting and transmitting enormous volumes of data. These technologies are also giving organizations the ability to make sense of both the physical and digital world.

Through its partnership with IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Framatome (formerly AREVA NP) is helping the nuclear industry take advantage of these advancements and the data readily available to their organization to establish a predictive maintenance culture that is fueled by data-driven decisions. Framatome offers the technologies, services, expertise and ecosystem needed to guide plant operators through this journey and deliver on the industry’s Nuclear Promise Initiative.

Framatome has teamed up with IBM’s Watson IoT advanced analytics platform to help utilities implement Big Data Solutions for the nuclear industry. Utilities can use this integrated data intelligence to predict the when, where and why of component operations and performance, as well as the consequences of component issues, enabling the most cost-effective and preemptive deployment of maintenance and repair resources.

“This innovative solution works to tackle real problems in the nuclear industry by giving our customers a 360-degree view into their critical components, such as reactor coolant pumps,” said Craig Ranson, vice president of Installed Base America at Framatome Inc. “By working with IBM’s market-leading analytics and cognitive portfolio, Framatome can help utilities effectively execute value-based maintenance strategies to maximize productivity and operational performance.”

The Framatome Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics Solution is built to continuously improve maintenance schedules over time through machine learning tools that automate manual processes, leveraging limited utility resources. The software’s predictive maintenance model will integrate massive amounts of data from multiple locations. These sources can include sensor data streaming from physical machines and other data from traditional databases or in enterprise asset management systems.

Framatome’s IoT and Analytics Solution will allow utilities to take a proactive approach in executing maintenance and operations strategies. The insight provided by this solution helps utilities make critical decisions faster and more accurately by combining institutional knowledge, analytics and machine learning. By better understanding machine performance, utilities can monitor, maintain and optimize valuable plant assets for increased availability. The solution also enables utilities to quickly and easily predict asset performance and quality issues to optimize supply chain processes.